3 Suggestions For Ben Bernanke When Filling Out Credit Applications

As we’ve written over the past few days, Former Federal Reserve Chair, Ben Bernanke, reportedly said he was recently unable to refinance his mortgage.

3 Suggestions For Ben Bernanke When Filling Out Credit Applications

1. Do not describe your former job as a “chair.” Especially if you are seeking credit to buy furniture. “This former chair wants to borrow money to buy new chairs? Sounds fishy to me. DENIED!”

2. Do not make fun of the name of the “Fifth Third Bank” on the application. “Is this the fifth location of the third bank, or are you giving me a loan at an interest rate of 5 over 3? And was the name Fourth-Third Bank already taken? Who is with me, here?”

3. Do not print billions of dollars of money on the application. It may make the person who approves loans think you may be a credit risk since you just gave away money by handing them the application.

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