3 Movies We’d Like To See Starring Adam Sandler On Netflix

We wrote yesterday about Adam Sandler’s new four-movie deal with Netflix… and we’ve written before about how Netflix uses computer algorithms to combine popular ideas to conceive new ideas for Netflix. So here are 3 movies we’d like to see as part of this deal:

1. Billy Ashley Madison. Billy Madison is now married. And after a fight with his wife, he gets electronically sucked into an internet dating site that helps married people date other people. While there, he switches bodies with a man who wants to have an affair with his wife. Then, things get more complicated when he again switches bodies with his wife and has an affair with his wife, while he is also his wife. All characters played by Adam Sandler.

2. The Waterworld Boy. This 4 hour movie, is about a post-apocalyptic world ruled by Kevin Costner (Kevin James), in which a dimwit (Sandler) bringing fresh water (Rob Schneider) to people trapped in a salty ocean. Little Nicky (Sandler) makes an appearance to explain that this was all caused by climate change. Despite this educational scene, audiences will prefer a scene where James is accidentally delivered a bottle of pee, as there are no sewage systems in the ocean… and drinks it!

3. Hippie Gilmour. Former Chicago Blackhawk, Doug Gilmour, is unhappy to learn that his son, Hippie (Sandler) has become a lazy hipster who works at women’s Bohemian clothing store Free People. During a shop-lifting chase, a thief tries to punch Hippie, resulting in a five-minute NHL-style fight, which Hippie clearly wins. So basically a rehash of Happy Gilmore, only this time the characters join the NHL to get into fights, with no hockey-playing skills.

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