Ben Affleck Can’t Act Like “Guy Wearing Yankees Cap”

The NY Times reports that Red Sox fan, Ben Affleck refused to wear a New York Yankees cap for a scene in his new movie, Gone Girl, eventually compromising with director David Fincher to wear a Mets cap.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. You sure are fussy about what you wear on your head, for an actor who suspects is wearing a wig, aren’t you, Ben? In fairness, we don’t know how accurate a source is or why it exists.

2. Do you think the “B” is for “Ben” and the “NY” is for “Not You?” If so, then this all makes sense.

3. Are you telling us, Ben, you can’t wear a Yankees cap, when Babe Ruth and David Wells wore both teams’ caps in their careers? In fairness, they were getting paid to wear the caps, while you were… getting paid to say you refuse to wear the Red Sox cap. Sounds like you have more clout than Babe Ruth and the outspoken David Wells!

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