Okay, If You Put Your iPhone In The Microwave After Reading A Tweet, You Are Banned From Using Tech

CBS is reporting about an online hoax that advertised that you can charge iPhones operating under iOS8 in the microwave.

The headline: “Hoax: Do Not Try To Charge Your iPhone In The Microwave.”

Really, if you are the type of person who falls for these kind of hoaxes, you should not use any technology. Beginning with microwaves and ending with Twitter. However you should read these:

3 More Things Not To Put In The Microwave

1. A smaller microwave. It will not cook the food in the smaller microwave twice as fast. And it will not turn both microwaves into Russian dolls.

2. Your pacemaker. If what we’ve read at convenience stores is true: microwaves may interfere with your pacemaker. Oh, also self-open-heart surgery is also a bad idea.

3. A box set of season one of Parks and Recreation. It gets better, folks, trust us!

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  1. Just when I was bolstering my faith in our education system….


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