Don’t Stand Behind That Person In The Fake Fat Suit At The Buffet!

Discover Magazine reports that a recent study indicates that if you are dining with an overweight person (or someone wearing a “fat suit” to make the study “scientific”), you are more likely to eat more food, and less likely to eat healthy salad.

The study speculates that people forget about their health goals when viewing people they perceive as unhealthy before they eat.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does this make the existence of McDonald’s “Grimace” a coincidence? Because that big purple (but loveable) guy looks like he could use some exercise and prevent some crime by chasing the Hamburglar.

2. “Oh yeah! Does this apply to me, too?” we imaging Kool-Aid man asking, before busting through a wall of unpopular slim-fitting mascot costumes.

3.  How many hamburgers are being stolen when people are distracted by a person in a fake fat suit? Only the Hamburglar knows.

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