We’ve Been Waiting Since The Jetsons For Robot Room Service

The WSJ reports that an aLoft hotel in California is testing robot-delivered room service, using technology from Google.

3 Frequently Asked Questions We’d Like To See Asked About This Story

1. “Since its Google technology, will it send me the things I’m searching for on hotel Wifi, without me asking for them? Because that could get embarrassing if it delivers naked garden gnomes before my wife gets back to the room. Also, just out of curiosity, does the robot resemble a naked garden gnome?”

2. “Can I have one robot deliver a rose to another robot, and have them fall in love, just like Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man?”

3. “Does this mean that the hotel employee who slides hotel bills under the door at 4 am will be out of work? Because I’d much rather hear a robot try to jam that thing between the carpet and door.”

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