Three Laws We’d Like To See From Mayor Duke, aka the Dog Mayor of Minnesota

QMI Agency reports that a small Minnesota town has elected a seven-year-old dog as the mayor, beating out an apparent human corner-store owner.  That’s right, Duke, a Great Pyrenees, is now the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.

Now, here are three laws we’d like to see the newly enacted mayor pass:

1. No more comedy movies about talking dogs. It’s insulting to the intelligence of dogs in office and mass audiences.

2. No more movies about fast and furious automobiles, for the same reasons as in paragraph 1.

3. As seven in dog years sounds pretty old to us, Mayor Duke must immediately be cast in the Expendables 4.

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  1. I would think there would be a law requiring more telephone poles and fire hydrants on every corner.


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