3 Things We’d Like To See Steve Ballmer Focus On

Yahoo Finance reports that Steve Ballmer is resigning from Microsoft’s board of directors to focus on the NBA’s LA Clippers, which he recently purchased.

3 Things We’d Like To See Steve Ballmer Focus On In Los Angeles

1. The road. You have to pay full attention to the road when you’re on a busy LA freeway. Fortunately, we are unaware of any popular mobile device Microsoft ever introduced during his time there, so we trust he won’t be distracted while driving.

2. The Angels and Dodgers. They’re both in first place in their divisions, so why not use all of your Windows/Office monopoly-building experience to try to build a sports monopoly? If you need help in this area, just ask Rogers Communications in Toronto how they were able to buy the Blue Jays; part of the Maple Leafs; part of the Raptors; part of the Toronto FC soccer team, presumably to show some games on their sports channel, which you can order on their Toronto cable near-monopoly.

3, Hitting control-alt-delete on all policies written by the former Clippers owner. Then hitting control-alt-delete on this blog for making a control-alt-delete reference in 2014.

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