Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Does Ice Bucket Challenge

Rob Ford was challenged to help ALS by former Toronto Maple Leaf Tie Domi to do the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” 

You can watch the video of him doing the challenge by clicking here. In case you’ve missed this in social media, people are challenging each other to dump ice water on themselves, in the spirit of helping find a cure for ALS. So we hope that the Mayor actually made some sort of contribution beyond getting ice dumped on him from a pail with “Mayor Ford” bumper stickers.

Three Comments We Have On The Video

1. Not enough ice or water! More ice water next year, please! 

2. Where’s the blooper reel? An event like this involving Rob Ford must have had bloopers, right?

3. Why are there no hidden iPhone videos of this incident? That’s how we have come to expect to see videos of Mayor Ford.

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  1. There wasn’t enough water because Rob Ford tried to smoke some of it.

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