Man Sues ESPN For Mocking Him Sleeping At Yankees Game

The Sporting News reports that a New York Yankees fan is suing ESPN, Major League Baseball, and the Yankees for “disparaging comments” made during a Yankees-Red Sox broadcast while the fan was sleeping in his seat during the game.

He only wants $10 million which is what A-Rod typically gets paid to do nothing while injured or fighting suspensions, right?

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Disparaging comments were made in Yankee Stadium? Isn’t that called “normal fan reaction” when opposing teams’ fans go there?

2. Did the man just watch the British Airways seven-hour train to Oslo inflight video, we wrote about last week? If so, what a raw deal waking up in the Bronx instead of Piccadilly Circus!

3. Is this kinda like when Team Brazil fell asleep today because they realized soccer, like baseball is boring?


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