Alt Rock Band Foils Mom Who Bought All Of A Store’s “Offensive” T-Shirts To Take Them Off Display

Earlier this year we wrote about a mother in Orem, Utah who was so upset that a PacSun store was displaying T-shirts featuring scantily-clad women, that she bought all of the shirts in the store, with the reported intention of returning them within the store’s maximum 60-day return period.

At the time we joked about the obvious point that once she returned the shirts they could resume wreaking whatever havoc she thought cotton apparel items may cause.

The Herald-Extra reports that a local alternative rock band, My Fair Fiend, has helped thwart her plans. Specifically, the band obtained all of the shirts (via the company web site since the store told them the shirts had to be sent back to corporate headquarters), and will be giving them away at an “Uncensored City” free concert later this week.

3 Cover Songs We Hope Are Sung At The Uncensored City Concert

1. “We Built This City On Rock N’ Roll and a Mountain of Books, T-Shirts, Digital Content*, and Other Items Easily Offended Mothers Who Are Not Good At Shopping Keep Buying For Illogical Reasons.”

2. “We Also Built This City On Starship Vinyl Records, Tapes, and CDs, In Part Because People Were Offended That Rock N’ Roll Was Permitted in 1985, and in Part Because People Recognized Starship Really Sucked.”

3. “Undone – The Sweater Song By Weezer.” Because, hey, if you live in a city where moms want to prevent people from seeing offensive clothing, why not at least teach the moms a smarter way to accomplish their goals, namely, unravel and destroy the clothing.**

*Yes, you can build a mountain of digital content if you put it all on iPods.

**Dear My Fair Fiend, you can thank us for the free idea, especially if all of the easily-offended mothers in Orem buy all your concert tickets in this chess game! 

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