Weather Channel Returning To Direct TV, So Relax Y’All Can Know The Weather Now

CNN reports that the Weather Channel is returning to Direct TV tomorrow after months of a blackout due to a disagreement whether Direct TV should pay more or less for the right to distribute the channel. As part of the deal, the Weather Channel has agreed to show less reality TV and more weather forecasts.

3 Potential Benefits Of This Deal

1. Now you won’t have to go outside if snow, clouds, or fleeing birds are interfering with your dish’s reception to find out if it’s snowing, cloudy, or crows are just reenacting Angry Birds in your backyard.*

2. Maybe your kids will finally stop wasting time watching reality TV on the weather channel and go outside and play, just like you did when you were young, and not obsessed with reality TV on the seemingly most unlikely source possible.

3. The part of your LinkedIn profile that says “Weather Channel Reality TV Star” will sound even more impressive now that the position seems rarer.

 *Still a better thing for crows to reenact in your backyard than Alfred Hitchcock’s the Birds.


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  1. Maybe they could do a special on birds interfering with cable as part of the new deal. Or is that reality TV?


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