Breaking: How You May Be Able To Deal With The Airline Lime Shortage Crisis

CNN reported yesterday* that some airlines are cutting service of limes with your drinks, replacing them with lemons, as the price of limes has skyrocketed from $22 to $100 a box.

3 Ways You Can Potentially Deal With This Situation

1. Look in the airplane mirror, and reevaluate your outlook on life. Do you really need real lime in your airline-sized plastic glass of lemon-lime flavored soda that seems to hold about one-third of a can of the soft drink? We suspect you probably have just enough lime flavor if you do the math, or else the lemon-lime soda company would have added more simulated-lime ingredients!

2. Remember the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Because this is a rare instance where life is literally giving you lemons instead of your first choice. So if you are a small child, maybe you can open a mid-air lemonade stand, and donate the proceeds to the airline so they can afford limes.

3. Ask yourself: “How many times have I been served drinks with limes on the rim, and just removed the lime, because who wants to suck on that?” Perhaps now that you can’t have limes (because they are apparently newsworthy), you only want them more, because you can’t have them. Once you sit back and remember you never wanted lime in the first place, you will feel better. Note: may also work when evaluating your failed relationships in life!

*which appears to meet cable news requirements of “Breaking News,” according to us, as viewers.

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  1. But what about my fancy Mexican beer?


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