3 Real Places We Expect Won’t Be Holding The 2016 GOP Convention Based On Their Names

CNN reports that the Republican National Committee has narrowed down the list of cities in the running for the 2016 GOP convention, eliminating Phoenix and Columbus.

Here are 3 more locations we expect not to be on the final list:

1. Canadian, Texas. Sounds like a place that may remind delegates of things like universal healthcare and Justin Bieber, both of which may make Fox News viewers mad. Also, may cause confusion of what country people are nominating someone to potentially lead.

2. Weed, New Mexico. First off, mentioning the word “Mexico” also adds confusion as to which country the leader is hoping to run. Also, some Republicans may not like being reminded of marijuana, especially if they voted against its legalization in Colorado or Washington state.

3. Drag, Norway. That would be taking “Which country are you running to lead?” uncertainty to a new level. That said, gender identity equal rights supporters may enjoy an announcement that “The Republican party is looking forward to some delegates finally meeting in Drag.”

Can you think of more real places Republicans or Democrats may not hold conventions? Tell us in the comments.



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2 replies

  1. Paris, TX, London, OH, and Geneva, NY – GOP wouldn’t want any of those European socialist places.


  2. Humptulips, Calif.

    I don’t think this needs an explanation.


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