Perhaps Inspired By Rob Ford, Almost Everyone In France Runs For Office

The Local reports that this past weekend over 900,000 people ran for office in local elections in France, including a porn star, a fake priest and a dead person.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. How many mimes ran? Because we wonder how many thousand mimes gave concession speeches, which involve conceding they lost, and to make matters worse, conceding that they are trapped in a ballot box! And if there are mimes trapped in ballot boxes, isn’t it time for a recount?

2. Is the fake priest the same person from the story we wrote about yesterday who was the intended recipient of a package of cocaine sent to the Vatican? If so, then we can see a motive: go around Europe mailing illegal stuff to yourself, while impersonating a priest, and nobody will ever investigate. Hey, we didn’t say it was a practical motive. More of a 1980s Burt Reynolds movie type of motive.

3. If voter turn-out was low, and everyone voted for themselves, did a 900,000-way tie occur? While that sounds very complicated and unlikely, just wait until it happens to your March Madness pool.

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  1. Maybe it was performance art.


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