People Apparently Like The Sound Of Money Burning On Calgary Radio Station. What Would They Do If They Knew There Was An Entire Cable Channel Devoted To A Log Burning In A Fireplace?

The Calgary Sun reports that as part of a radio station contest, in which listeners were given the option to vote what to do with $5,000 in cash, the listeners chose to burn the cash. Literally.

From the story:

“After 54% of voters last week supported burning the $5,000, the cash was torched in a pet crematorium.”

The story further indicates that the people “paying attention” to the radio station increased about five-fold.

Three Observations That Arise From This Story

1. This would be a lousy time to be waiting in line at the pet crematorium with your dog that required $5,000 worth of cosmetic surgery that your dog cannot afford, so that it could land a role in a talking pet movie (for which the going salary is $5,000.00.)  To clarify: we are not talking about putting pets to sleep here, we are talking about pets researching roles of talking dogs who rescue pets from pet crematoriums, in hopes of getting a part in a movie.

2. Is there anything people won’t burn in Calgary? “Yeah, we can make that sand run your car,” we might suspect a Calgarian to say to someone not driving a Tesla vehicle.

3.  Which marketers are going after the coveted “people who will vote to burn money” demographic? Okay, now that we’ve thought about it, what marketer wouldn’t want to go after this, perhaps most lucrative demographic of all?

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  1. Guess that gave them more publicity than giving the money to charity or something.


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