Bar Making Patrons Who Use Smart Phones Buy Round For Their Friends

Yahoo reports that a bar in Vancouver is installing lock-boxes for patrons to lock their smart phones in during their visit, so they actually have to talk to each other.

Once a table’s phones are locked in the box, if one patron wants the bartender to give them the key early to check the phone while they are at the table, they receive a penalty, like being forced to buy a round for everyone else at the table.

3 More Things We’d Like To See Locked In Boxes At Bars

1. Oh, this is awkward. Our iPhones are locked in a box, and we are feeling stressed out and unable to concentrate on an idea. How about you give us the key to the box and you can lock these carrot sticks from our wing orders in there, instead. Deal?

2. Directions to the bathroom. Wait, no… that’s another bad idea. If you just give us our phones back, we’re sure will be inspired by something on Instagram!

3. Keys to boxes with our iPhones locked in them. Oh, no, that’s the worst idea yet! How are we going to show everyone on Facebook photos of the wings we are enjoying, now?

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  1. How will I have anything to talk about if I don’t have my CNN feed?


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