Don’t Wear Your Beer Googles To Some San Fran Bars!

CNN reports that some bars in San Francisco are banning wearing Google Glass, the “smart” eyewear with a camera and other technology on it. The report indicates that wearing the product is viewed by some as being a member of the tech elite, and others as an invasion of privacy since the camera can record what other people are doing without their consent.

Three More Reasons Why Wearing Computer-Video-Camera-Eyeglasses In A Bar May Not Be A Good Idea

1. Do you really want visual confirmation that you get beer goggles, when you watch your recorded sloppy conversations the next morning? The only thing worse than “Beer Goggles” is Beer Googles, which record all the stupid things you did the night before, that your smart glasses were not smart enough to stop you from doing. On a positive note, if you wake up in a stranger’s bed, perhaps the GPS will let you know your precise location. And if the precise location is your own bedroom, you will really want to watch that video you recorded to see how they drunkenly moved all of their furniture in with you.

2. In the old days, lying about being a movie producer may have impressed women in Californian bars. Telling them you’re currently producing a movie starring them, not so much. And not saying anything while staring at them with your camera on your face = probably worse.

3. The people who think checking your smart phone in public is rude, will certainly think playing your favorite car racing game while talking to them is even more rude, especially as you tilt your head to steer the car, and engine sounds are coming out of the speakers attached to your head.

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  1. On the other hand, it would probably cull the herd more quickly if you aren’t looking for a tech geek.


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