And The Oscar For Best Product Placement Blunder By An Actress Goes To…

Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres spent a lot of last night running around the Oscars with her Samsung device. But as is often the case, celebrities don’t necessarily do the best job of promoting non-Apple technology.

Specifically, backstage, Ellen tweeted a photo of Jared Leto, apparently unaware, in a Business Insider screenshot you can see here, that the Tweet would mention it was sent via “Twitter For iPhone.”

And then there was her on-stage selfie-Tweet, taken from the Samsung device, which she gave the hashtag #Blurry, because the pic, was… well…. blurry.

This reminds us of when we wrote about Oprah praising the Microsoft Surface from an iPad. So there are many nominees for Best Tech Actress if such an award is ever given out.

3 Oscars We’d Like To See Involving Technology Next Year

1. Best conversation forwarded from your email account when you really wanted to forward just one message in a “conversation.” We hope the winner is a web portal mail team confusedly talking amongst themselves as to what exactly an arrow forward button really means any more, since we have no clue, either.

2. Best demonstration that the world has changed so that even people at the Oscars are bored enough to check their smart phones. And we nominate Amy Adams, who was caught on camera doing just that at the awards show. Don’t worry, Amy, we know how you feel. We’ve seen the movie where you play a blogging chef, which was boring enough that we were wishing we could watch your boring performance surrounded by Muppets on our iPhones during it.

3. Best performance as a regular person. And the nomination goes to all the stars who ate pizza in their expensive formalwear and also posed in a group photo on Twitter. See, they’re just like you! In fact, last night, they were so much just like you, that perhaps you should apply for their jobs, because whatever you were doing on Instagram video was probably more entertaining.

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  1. Yes, but they make a lot more money than I do. And wear better clothes. And have to worry about snarky comments from the likes of you. 🙂


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