If You Were Wishing There Was A Vanilla Ice Amish Show, The DIY Network Has That

Modern Farmer reports that the DIY network has introduced a reality farming show entitled “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.” Basically Ice moves to an Amish community in Ohio and tackles construction projects “all without nails and screws.”

So if you’ve been wasting money on costly nails and screws to build your barn, you may want to tune in.

Three Other Titles We’d Like To See For This Show

1. “Vanilla Ice Goes To A Place In Ohio Where People Don’t Have To Pay For A Vanilla Ice Show They Don’t Watch In A Bundled Cable Package Because They Don’t Have Televisions.”

2.”Amish Emergency Room: Episode 7: ¬†Nobody In This Town Has Tetanus Because There Are No Rusty Nails.”

3. “Amish Emergency Room: Episode 8: The Kids Love Our Playground With Swings And See-Saws Constructed Without Nails And Screws. Honest!”

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  1. Who’d have thought he was talented enough to do it?


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