Sony Phone Will Cancel Some Of That Unnecessary Noise While You Listen To Music On The Phone

Sony has announced that is has introduced the first smart phone with noise cancelling headphones. From the press release:

“Whether you’re on a plane or in on the bus, enjoy music on the go without the interruption of background noise.”

Three Frequently Asked Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Hey, does this mean the person texting as they jaywalk over an open manhole won’t hear my horn when they cross the street?” We don’t know, but perhaps things will work out okay if they are listening to the Road Runner TV Show theme. “Beep, Beep!”

2. “Hey, does this mean I will miss it when they announce that my bus is going out of service, and I have to switch buses instead of rocking out to Magic Bus?” Are you sitting on an empty bus in a vacant lot? That might help answer your question.

3. “I am a crying toddler on an airplane. How will I get everyone’s attention now? Especially when I’m crying extra loud to hear my voice and can’t hear it because I’m wearing noise-cancelling headphones.” Toddlers tugging things, like other passengers’ noise-cancelling headphones out of their ears is an efficient way to ensure your parents buy you a seat the next time they drag you on a plane.

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  1. Guess it’ll cut down on the number of people walking/biking/running on the roads


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