Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Smashes Guitar After Being Told The Band Had “One Minute” Left To Perform In Vegas

Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong is being accused of having a “meltdown” in the media after being told the band had one minute left to perform, and subsequently smashing a guitar on stage during a performance in Las Vegas.

Hey, we’ve known since Green Day’s 1994 hit Basket Case, the band’s frontman wants to know if you have the time to listen to him whine.

What he didn’t mention in the song is if you don’t, he will smash a guitar.

This all happened at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. (Soon to be named iHeartRadio-but-hate-being-interrupted-so-shut-up-mister-radio-dj-who-keeps-talking-over-my-songs-festival!)

3 Worse Things To Break In Las Vegas And Be Accused Of Having A Meltdown Than A Guitar On Stage While Performing With Your Punk Rock Band

1. A clock counting down one minute! That would have been the logical thing to break in this situation to solve the dilemma. All Billie Joe needed was an expert like James Bond to defuse the clock, and stop it from counting down.

If James Bond was unavailable, maybe MacGruber could have helped defuse the bomb and stop the clock. If anyone could have removed his uniform from this impenetrable case, that is!

2. The heart of the iHeartRadio festival. Breaking hearts at music festivals is always risky because you never know when Toni Braxton might wander on stage and start singing “Unbreak My Heart.”

3. The bank at the Wild Wild West Casino. We don’t know how much it would take to break the bank there, and in theory, win the deed to the casino, but judging by its remote-I-accidentally-wandered-off-the-Strip location and number of gamblers clad in sweaty track suits, you may not want to “break the bank” there.

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