Not Sure Whether To Buy That Next Hamburger In Sweden Or Norway?

The Local reports that a McDonald’s Big Mac billboard placed at the border of Sweden and Norway taunts Norwegians by showing the cost difference of Big Macs in the two countries.

Now why would someone drive all the way from Norway to buy a Big Mac in Sweden?

Perhaps because a Big Mac in Norway costs about a third more at 93 Swedish kronor. Also known as about $14.30 in U.S. currency. While the Swedish Big Mac only costs 59 Swedish kronor a.k.a about $10.62 U.S.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. People are paying more for one Big Mac in Scandinavia than $9.99 all you can eat wings at an Iowa Applebee’s on Wednesdays? Chickens throughout Iowa, consider this a warning, it’s time to move to a low income part of Norway.

2. People are paying more for one Big Mac in Norway than McDonald’s employees with all kinds of job titles make in an hour according to Glass DoorQuick, labor force, everyone move to Norway before the chickens we just mentioned get all the high-paying jobs!

3. Who in Scandanavia has time to calculate currency conversions between Norwegian krones and Swedish kronor? Eyes on the road, not your iPhone calculators and billboards, people!

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  1. I wonder if you get in trouble buying the Swedish Big Macs in bulk and creating a black market in Norway?


  2. Norwegian kroner has almost the same value as Swedish kroner, not much of a difference. And many of those living near the border knows the value of the neighboring currency cause they go shopping there very often,



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