3 Things To Be Thankful For Today

1. You haven’t been selected to represent districts one through eleven in the upcoming 76th annual Hunger Games.

2. You haven’t won tickets to see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which means, if you’re like us, you won’t spend two hours wondering when the Hunger Games will begin, and one hour wishing the Hunger Games would end.

3. You got to sleep in from work today because American retailers haven’t pushed Black Friday back to 6:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving, instead choosing to start it at 8 p.m., because people drinking Thanksgiving wine make all the best marked-down-from-artificially-high-prices-to-make-the-markdowns-seem-like-a-great-deal retail purchases!

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving to all American readers of Not The Worst News!

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  1. Reblogged this on Discovering Different and commented:
    Could not have said it better myself.


  2. My sister is out Black Friday shopping. I told her the surest way to save money would be to invest in psychotropic meds to cure her craving to bargain shop.


  3. I work retail (albeit in the food end of the superstore). Black Friday is more scary in set-up than it is in reality. I couldn’t get near my favorite parking place; it was very traumatic.


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