Here’s Why Your Blood Test Action Photos Are Unpopular On Instagram!

The Mail Online reports that blue-tinted photos on Instagram receive 24 percent more “likes” than images where the predominant color was red or orange.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is anyone surprised that peaceful sky blue is more popular than “Oh dear God, the aliens are invading” red? (Answer: yes, the alien who just successfully invaded Earth and posted it on Instagram, and got zero likes from his friends on planet Glok is very surprised!)

2. Do you still think that your $500 designer red jeans were a good investment? (Hint: not with that green shirt you’re wearing – you look like a Santa’s helper at the mall. And not the kind who gives good investment advice, nor good advice on which stores to shop in.)

3. Does this mean you should post selfies on Instagram while you are choking on lobster or after someone has successfully performed the Heimlich manoeuvre? From a popularity point of view, definitely before, when your face is blue, as opposed to after, especially if your face is red because you are allergic to shellfish. From a rational point of view, perhaps if you stopped documenting every second of your restaurant-consumption life for everyone, you wouldn’t have choked on the lobster while you were trying to figure out which tint to use on Instagram! (btw, the correct tint is any tint that makes the picture blue!)

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