Atlanta Braves Change Stadiums More Often Than They Win World Series

According to the Bleacher Report, the Atlanta Braves will be moving from Turner Field, where they have played since 1997 after the stadium was built for the 1996 Olympics.

Prior to this, the Braves played in Boston, Milwaukee, and down the street from the current stadium, and in 2017, they will be headed to Cobb County, Georgia.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is this news stadium really necessary, or is Atlanta going to sell its current stadium as a location where the characters from the Walking Dead can hide after seasons hiding out in less exciting places like a prison and barn? We’ll let you decide if 9 innings of baseball is more exciting than 45 minutes of watching characters growing crops at a prison on the Walking Dead.

2. Speaking of prisons, isn’t that where the late, great World Wrestling Federation icon, the Big Boss Man was billed from? Perhaps we got it backwards, and the Atlanta Braves are buying a cheap prison that his been slowly destroyed by zombies and some character who believes he is the “Governor.” Sounds like a deal! Cheap land, and added bonus: all those zombies a.k.a. “walkers” permanently trying to break into the prison can become instant season ticket holders!

3. Is building a new stadium for the Olympics ever a good investment? We know that Montreal took 30 years to pay off its debt for the 1976-built Olympic Stadium, but we question how long it will take for the upcoming winter Olympics in Sochi Russia (population 343,000). The good news is with a population that low, if the zombies ever do invade, the stadium seems like a relatively good hiding place, compared to anywhere in Atlanta, if TV has taught us anything.

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