This Does Not Call For A Bud Light!

Yesterday we wrote about a man who rushed back into a burning home to rescue some Bud Light.

3 More Bad Reasons To Run Back Into A Burning Home

1. To rescue a non-light beer. Totally more flammable and risky!

2. To ask a bud for a light. Smoking is always a bad idea. And an uneconomical idea in a room full of free smoke! Also there is nobody in the house to give you a light – didn’t you read this blog yesterday?

3. To rescue your Arson For Dummies book. First off, you’re implicating yourself for arson. Second, by owning a book called Arson For Dummies and getting in this situation, you have created a massive philosophical dilemma as to which would be more ironic: accidentally burning the house down while reading the book too close to your cigarette, or going back into the house to rescue the book.

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  1. #3 – additionally, the book is probably on fire


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