Hey Swedish Jellyfish, Open Up Your Eyes And See The Sign (Stay Away From The Nuclear Reactor)

Yahoo reports that a swarm of jellyfish shut down Sweden’s largest nuclear reactor.

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. But could a swarm of jellyfish shut down the U.S. government because they wanted to defund affordable healthcare? That depends. If they are the immortal jellyfish we wrote about here (this is a real science, not a joke!), they probably would, because if you’re immortal, who needs healthcare?

2. Did nobody read the assembly instructions of the IKEA nuclear reactor properly? Jellyfish filters go in the water, not on top of the reactors!

3. Is it fair to say “We don’t think your reactor is ready for this jelly?” Yes because since Beyonce was in Destiny’s Child, their lyrics trump any ABBA, Ace of Base, or Roxette  jokes people are making about this incident in Sweden!

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  1. Thanks! We’d add vegan-friendly chemically-filled bacon substitutes to our list of ingredients.



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