The Only Thing Harder Than Watching Twilight Movies Is Reading An Article About A Woman With Her Body Covered In Twilight Tattoos… Which Is Why We Did It For You!

The Mail reports, in an article that was very long and tedious to read, that a 52 year-old woman has covered her body in £8,500 worth of Twilight-related tattoos, and projects reaching £25,000.

It all began when the woman’s friend gave her a Twilight novel in 2009, and she began losing weight, and getting Robert Pattinson tattooed all over her body was apparently an appropriate way to commemorate that.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. You became addicted to this series in 2009? Where were you in 2005 when it came out? We’d wager getting into that band she’d been hearing about “Limp Bizkit.”

2. Hey, aren’t you glad you didn’t get a Limp Bizkit tattoo? You’d totally want to Break Stuff after tattoos of artwork from Chocolate Starfish and Whatever Else That Album Was Called were Rollin’ over flabs of skin where you lost weight.

3. Is it safe to say the tattoo artists involved created more art than Summit Entertainment, the producers of the Twilight Saga? Possibly. Is it ever really safe to say anything controversial around people who could stab you with permanent ink pens?

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