If China Has Capitalism, It Has Demanded A Toilet Themed Restaurant!

AOL reports that a toilet-themed restaurant has opened in China, where guests sit on chairs resembling toilets, and eat items including soft serve ice cream out of toilet-shaped bowls.

3 More Ideas For Restaurants We Wonder If We’ll Get To See

1. The Fox News No-Spin-Zone-But-Really-We-Are-Renaming-Everything-To-Suit-Our-Agenda Restaurant. Just like Fox News web site is calling the current federal government shutdown the “Obama administration’s selective slimdown of government,” this restaurant features the “You Don’t Need Healthcare Poorboy Slimmed Down Sandwich.” (it’s technically slimmed down because the bread has been replaced with deep fried shrimp compressed by a waffle iron.) Oh, and the restaurant revolves, despite the no spin reference in its name, but don’t try to tell that to the waitstaff, because they’ll convince you you’re spinning, not the restaurant.

2. A raw sewage treatment plant themed restaurant! For consumers who want more than just a toilet themed restaurant. It also is revolving, because people were disappointed the toilet-themed restaurant didn’t spin like water in a flushed toilet.

3. Well-Read Lobster. The lobsters here will scold you for reading 50 Shades of Grey, hoping the distraction will help them from being boiled alive in scalding hot water!

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