Hugh Hefner, Aged 86, Scheduled (Again) To Marry Crystal Harris (26)

The New York Daily News reports that Hugh Hefner is set to marry his on-again-off-again girlfriend who is 60 years younger than him on New Year’s Eve.

3 Older Things Crystal Harris Could Marry

1. An immortal jellyfish. Don’t believe such a thing exists? Check out last week’s NY Times article here.

2. The novel, the Great Gatsby, published in 1925, a year before Hef was born.

3. NFL team the New York Giants (who joined the league in 1925). We also would have accepted the following other teams that joined the NFL that year: Detroit Panthers, Providence Steam-Roller, Canton Bulldogs, and Pottsville Maroons.

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  1. Or he could marry Toronto Blue Jays or Seattle Mariners baseball teams: born in 1977, they are just 9 years older than Harris, but at least Hefner could get to third or fourth base with them.



  1. Hey Swedish Jellyfish, Open Up Your Eyes And See The Sign (Stay Away From The Nuclear Reactor) | NotTheWorstNews

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