After The Clinton Years Of S Club Parties, You Knew T Club Parties Were Next, Right?

CNBC has published lists of the ten richest and poorest states in America based on median household income in 2012.

In other news, Reuters reports that the Republicans of U.S. House of Representatives reject a Senate vote to prevent a government shut down. Reportedly house leader John Boehner tried to avoid a shutdown, but Republican Tea Party members were vocally against that, insisting on Obamacare being defunded if any agreement is to be made.

Interestingly, the members of the House and Senate Tea Party Caucuses represent the majority of the low income states, while only Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota represents the Tea Party Caucus and one of the ten high income states.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “So wait a minute, the people who represent people from low income states want people with low incomes who do not have healthcare insurance to not get healthcare insurance?” This may sound counterintuitive. Unless you imagine someone dressed in an old-fashioned hat shaking their fist at a large Obamacare bill (preferably written with quill), while they are heading to a tea party by boat. In this world of boats and no cars, modern day medicine also does not exist, so you have nothing to worry about, unless you have scurvy, in which case, we’re certain the tea-partier will generously offer you potentially-Vitamin-C filled orange pekoe tea.

2. “So wait a minute, the people who caused America’s credit rating downgrade that want to make future decisions on the debt ceiling represent people from low income states where people may have lower credit ratings?” This is the 1700s, and the 1700s don’t take American Express, so why are you talking about the world like it’s not 1700? Now go pick all that orange pekoe tea out of Boston Harbor – people with scurvy need that!

3. “So wait a minute, I voted for Michelle Bachmann – is that why the Minnesota Twins had such a horrible season?” Correlation does not imply causation! So stop assuming the above correlations between low median income and tea party membership mean anything – and start distributing the circa 1700s tea you just picked out of the harbor to the nearest pirates with scurvy!

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