If Mr. T Was At This Party, Would He Pity Those Without Health Insurance?

The U.S. is staring down a potential government shut down as House Republicans have not passed a budget resolution that the Senate is prepared to approve.

As we wrote yesterday, the House and Senate Tea Party Caucuses represent people from the majority of states that rank in the bottom 10 for median income for the year 2012.

3 More Questions That Arise From This Ongoing Story

1. Was the President playing golf while the Republican House was working hard to try to ensure people don’t get health insurance? Some Republicans quoted on Fox News might say that’s insensitive! Perhaps if the President invited the Tea Party to his Golf Party, they might have accepted the invitation, and avoided the current dilemma. (We are assuming at some point this Tea Party is going to turn into an actual party.)

2. When is this tea party going to be more like a party, and less like a you-can’t-have-affordable-healthcare-even-though-someone-accidentally-spilled-scalding-hot-tea-on-you wet blanket? (Unfortunately, the wet blanket on your lap didn’t absorb much of the tea’s scalding hotness, and you require medical attention! Not because the tea burned you, but because you are allergic to tea, which begs the question as to what you were doing at a Tea Party in the first place. Much in the way we wonder why people in lower income states without healthcare voted for tea party members in the first place.)

3. Hasn’t the government already technically shut down based on Congress’ inability to pass anything? No, while it may appear that congress has shut down like the liver of Lindsay Lohan at a real party, both congress and Lohan have access to medical facilities that can repair anything that appears to have shut down.

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