If You Find Any Typos In This Entry, Please Don’t Hit Control-Alt-Delete

Yahoo reports that Bill Gates has called the need to press control-alt-delete simultaneously to restart versions of Windows instead of one button on the keyboard a “mistake.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Wait, Microsoft – are you saying you made a mistake on how to deal with your operating systems when they make mistakes by crashing? Ironic, huh? You should just press control-alt-delete to fix your mistake, wink, wink!

2. If could be worse, Microsoft, right? Instead of three keys, you could have forced users to type four keys instead. The kind that make four-letter words that echo their sentiment when a giant blue screen suddenly appears, when trying to print a 30 page college essay, that hadn’t been saved since creating the file.

3. Why aren’t their videos on YouTube of cute cats pressing control-alt-delete five seconds before their owners complete uploading cute cat videos to YouTube? Think about it. If every cat pressed control-alt-delete in such a situation, it would be impossible. (Did you really waste time thinking about that? Thank you. Now go finish your essay before the cat hits control-alt-delete!)

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  1. It could be even worse if Microsoft would have required users to type a 30-page essay in order to restart the computer.


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