Time To Decide Whether To Watch The Emmys Live To See If “Breaking Bad” Wins Everything Or Just Watch “Breaking Bad.”

Tonight’s Emmy awards on CBS compete in the same time slot as multi-nominated Breaking Bad and the series finale of Dexter.

Sure, you may have a fancy DVR to record everything and see if Amy Poehler gets robbed for best female comedic actress by someone other than Tina Fey. But, whatever you choose, expect to see spoilers of the other stuff, if you log into social media, or stand by the water cooler at work tomorrow, or are working your job as a seat-filler for Bryan Cranston at the Emmys.

3 Reasons To Watch Each Of The Above Programs Live

1. Dexter. After eight seasons, many involving dragging out Dexter killing one serial killer until the final episode, you’ll get to see whether Showtime changes up the formula for Hollywood’s other formula: a shocking ending, unless the producers want to keep the options of a movie open. Anyway, what could be a shocking ending for Dexter? He was dead the whole time, and all the people he murdered are really alive. Never been done before!

2. Breaking Bad. We won’t give away any of this season’s hot spoilers for those of you still catching up on Netflix. But wouldn’t it be shocking if Walt chemically engineered a funny monologue for Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris (that also does not involve singing)? Hint: we predict you can chemically engineer a funnier monologue by heading to the nearest liquor store before watching the Emmys.

3. The Emmys. Hey, we see Jason Bateman was nominated for Arrested Development. Was that for the first 22 minutes, or the entire-felt-like-3-days long performance. Sorry Netflix, but editing TV shows to fit time slots may actually be a better idea than creating multiple 35 minute comedy episodes, all of the same story shot from different angles. But we digress. See if Jason wins due to the guilt of voters not handing him a win for the earlier seasons before the show was cancelled by Fox, because guilt-for-past-work is how award shows work!

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