Europe May Send Robotic Snakes Into Space, Yet Can’t Seem To Send Greek Debt There.

The Washington Post reports that the European Space Agency is considering sending robotic snakes into space.

Apparently, snake maneuverability may assist snake-bots at accessing difficult-to-reach areas of Mars. Because cleaning mars with traditional mops can be hard on your back, and you may need to buy a billion mops, at costs as high as $300 per space-mop. What a waste of $300 billion dollars!

Cue informercial pitch for two robotic snakes for just $19.99 plus separate shipping and handling for each robotic snake.

3 Worse Uses For Robotic Snakes Than Taking Soil Samples On Mars

1. To make games of Snakes and Ladders with your kids more exciting. Sure it may be more frightening when a robotic snake lands on space 87, and is sent all the way back to space 24, inches from your kids, but if you wanted timid-afraid-of-robotic-snake children, you would have bought the tamer spin of the same game: Chutes and Ladders.

2. Taking blood samples at your local lab. If you thought needles were bad, maybe robotic snakes will convince you to cut down on the need for blood tests and finally get some exercise and lower your cholesterol.

3. Writing entries on this web site. Hssssssss. Hsssssss. Hsssssss. The robotic snakes have eaten the follow up joke. See you next time!

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