Potty-Mouthed Bottle Cap Hopefully Grounded

The Toronto Sun/QMI agency report that Coca-Cola has apologized for a bottle of Vitaminwater found in Edmonton with the words “You Retard” on the inside of the cap.

How did this happen? “Retard” means “late” in French, and according to the Vitaminwater web site, the bottle cap combines random French and English words. Ooh-la-la, we hope they don’t combine the French word for “seal,” too!

3 Worse Things To Combine Underneath Soft Drink Bottlecaps

1. French and English words and Vinegar and Baking Soda! Unless you ordered a bottle of elementary school science fair volcano, this will create a mess, much like volcanoes created Hawaii, but less fun.

2. Real expiration dates with “late” expiration dates. Does this water expire in June 2014, or June 0014? Or the 14th day of June in the year 2000? If it did expire in 0014, we wonder why someone didn’t use their powers to convert it to wine, as we hear from wine experts 0014 was a good year.

3. Dinosaur DNA with zombie DNA with asteroid DNA. While we do not know if this is the premise of a future dinosaur movie sequel, we do suspect even Bruce Willis and Jeff Goldblum can’t find a way to undo this one.

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