Maybe If You Drink Enough Of It, Beer Goggles Will Give Hello Kitty A Mouth!

Eatocracy reports that Hello Kitty fruit-flavored beer is now available in Taiwan and China!

3 More Products We Wouldn’t Want To See Featuring Childrens’ Characters

1. Wile E. Coyote Olive Garden Bottomless Bowls Of Salad And Breadsticks. Made of bottomless holes that Mr. Coyote draws on roadways to try to get the Roadrunner to fall through. This never works!  All of the Olive Garden’s breadstick inventory is going to fall through the hole, ruining suburban Italian restaurant dining experiences on interstates everywhere! You should have never expanded your hole-making beyond the interstate!

2. Foam Finger Hannah Montana maps of Montana. Montana isn’t shaped like the number one – that’s New Hampshire! Everyone will get lost and wind up in Calgary! This is almost as bad as when your navigation system tells you to drive through holes drawn by coyotes in the middle of the interstate!

3. Yo Gabba Gabba Rehab Centers of Malibu. We’re not saying that trippy bands like MGMT who appear on Yo Gabba Gabba use drugs. Nor are we saying that high, unemployed people may be regular viewers. But if they were, staying sober in a colorful rehab center full of freaky costumed characters dancing around while Weezer plays songs about all their friends being insects, might not persuade patients they aren’t high, even if they are totally clean!

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