In Honor Of The Family Living Like It’s 1986, We Suggest A Scene Idea For Policy Academy 8

The Guardian reports that a man from Oxford, England, who really likes the sound of crickets has received a warning after releasing 1,000 exotic crickets in his backyard.

3 Worse Things Someone Could Release In Their Backyard

1. Dane Cook. This would also lead to the sound of crickets, but be far less likely to lead to a police warning.

2. Any sportscaster commenting on a cricket match. How long does one cricket match last anyway? 3 weeks? If your neighbors thought baseball was boring, just imagine the sound of crickets chirping when nobody is listening to someone talk about how good Australia’s team is.

3. Laverne Hooks (the timid cop from Police Academy). Good luck getting her to give a stern warning about 1,000 crickets while they’re all chirping. Especially since there are not really crickets chirping, but rather an impersonation of crickets chirping by Larvelle Jones, the human beatboxer from Police Academy. We trust the family living like it’s 1986 that we’ve been writing about would appreciate these references, if they could use the internet, which they can’t.

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