Man Allegedly Switch Numbers On His House With Neighbor, Resulting In Wrong House Being Demolished

Gawker reports that a Pontiac, Michigan man, whose home was scheduled to be demolished, allegedly switched the address number on his home with his neighbor, resulting in the neighbor’s house being demolished instead.

3 Worse Addresses You Could Put On Your House

1. 666 Fifth Avenue. Not only is 666 the number of the devil, that address is also the home of the building that houses a Hollister flagship store in NYC. So pray that when the grim reaper shows up, the shirtless Hollister male employees will use signature cologne to spray the reaper in the face, saving your life! They are dressed as lifeguards, so all of this should transpire exactly that way.

2. Anywhere, Detroit, Michigan. The good news, is that we assume in bankrupt Detroit, the City can’t just afford to tear down your house, like maybe in Pontiac. The bad news is you will have to tell people you live in Detroit.

3.! That’s our web address – you can’t put it on your house door or mailbox! Confused binary number sequences will be showing up at your door all day, if we understand how the internet works!

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