Scientist May Have Controlled Other Scientist’s Hand Movements Over The Internet

CNN reports that scientists conducted a study where “a scientist could control another scientist’s hand motions just by using brain signals sent over the Internet.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If this technology becomes mainstream, does this means nerds will suddenly gain the power to ask bullies to “Stop hitting yourself!?” This may sound like a good idea until the aliens invade, and all the bullies who would have fought them off are too busy hitting themselves.

2. So, Mr. Scientist, are you really going to try to use the “That other scientist made me click on these porn sites” excuse to your wife?

3. This sounds like a lot of work to force people become your Facebook friend. Have you considered changing your profile to a woman who is into men and women to gain new Facebook friends, as we wrote about earlier this week?

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