Coffee Machine Brews Coffee When You Yawn… What Would Happen If College Pranksters Put The Machine In A 3 Hour Lecture About News?

Yahoo reports that a vending machine will brew you a free coffee if it detects you yawning.

3 More Things We’d Like To See Vending Machines Detect To Give You Free Coffee

1. It detects you watching the latest Royal baby coverage on CNN at an airport.  Why do so many people get mad at news coverage of Kim Kardashian’s baby due to her only being famous for being famous? What is the Royal family famous for again? (Hint: being famous because their photos appear on tabloid covers and currency around the world.)

2. It detects you watching last night’s episode of the Newsroom on HBO. Hey, you know what’s less exciting than news? A TV show that relives all of last year’s news while a main character relives an embarrassing moment on YouTube viewed by thousands of viewers. The fictional YouTube community doesn’t even care enough about the fictional YouTube video to view it more times than your cat. So why should you want to see it replayed again and again on the show?

3. It detects you watching season 3 of the Newsroom. Specifically an episode about the Royal birth, scheduled to air in 2014! Hey, this machine can not only measure yawns – it can predict the future and read minds! Enjoy that free coffee before the machine learns about capitalism from the Newsroom and starts charging you for those lattes!

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