Trump University Allegedly Not What Some People Pictured!

CNN reports that the New York State Attorney General has filed a complaint against Donald Trump related to a business called “Trump University” which allegedly promised an in-person meeting with Trump, but all students got were photos with a life-sized poster of Trump.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “I already have a degree from Monsters University, do I really need a degree from Trump University?” Based on Disney’s recent trend of milking every Marvel and Pixar concept for what they’re worth, if you’re a main cast member, we think your Monsters University degree will keep you gainfully employed scaring people well into retirement!

2. “A life size poster of Trump sounds a bit overwhelming – is there a smaller-sized poster of Celebrity Apprentice winner Aresenio Hall, I can pose with instead?” Have you considered posing with his star on the Walk of Fame ? There’s no tuition required, and it serves as a reminder that having a star permanently on the Walk of Fame does not guarantee the lifetime work that going to Monsters University may.


Arsenio Hall Star Hollywood Walk Of Fame

“You know who the people over there are? Those are people who are more famous than me now thanks to slipping on a sidewalk on YouTube!”


3. “If a blowhard demands to see the transcripts of any graduate of this university, will it just turn them over without the student’s consent if they want to be President?” We’d wager the answer is “yes,” but since no U.S. Presidential candidate seems likely to have attended there, we were referring to future candidates for President of the Hair Club For Men.


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