Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Expires Today, Which Could Make One Very Lucky Person Very Unlucky!

CNN reports that a winning New York lottery ticket for a $1 million prize will expire if it is not collected today!

A spokesperson for the New York Gaming Commission stated that prizes often go uncollected because tickets become unreadable after going through a washing machine, and some people don’t realize that there are lower prizes than the jackpot that can be won in a lottery.

3 Worse Excuses Not To Claim Your Million Dollar Lottery Prize

1. Mistakenly looking for Willy Wonka’s factory on Google Streetview to claim your free tour, after mistakenly thinking lottery ticket was Golden Ticket referred to in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2. Accidentally shredded tickets while shredding all unpaid bills and anything else that arrives in the mail that could lead to someone stealing your identity if you don’t shred it immediately!

3. The ticket was bought as part of an office pool by all the members of the House of Representatives, and they would rather debate who gets to cash in the ticket for an entire year (excluding holidays) than get the job of cashing in the ticket done, even if it means nobody wins!

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