Naming Your Baby “North West” Will Not Instantly Earn You A Free Upgrade To Business Class.

TMZ reports that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have decided to name their recently born daughter “North.” There will be no middle name, so if the reports are true, the baby’s name will be “North West.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If they have another baby, will it be named “South,” and if so, are they planning on naming all of their babies after airlines? Because you know, when we want to think about airlines, we want to be reminded about crying babies. Just ask our neighbor’s two-year-old, Delta Sky Miles! At least that kid got three real names!

2. Does this mean this baby will automatically win a free prize of ownership of all of the land in the Northwest Territories of Canada? If so, congratulations! It’s kind of like landing on Baltic Avenue in Monopoly, except the ice makes it more difficult to build hotels.

3. This baby name was chosen knowing that no team from the Northwest divisions of the NBA or NHL were going to be champions of their respective leagues this year, right? We just don’t want any babies flying to the Northwest Territories with a replica Stanley Cup, acting like they own the place.

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6 replies

  1. I give it six months until a North West line of baby clothes makes a debut. That infant’s not a baby so much as a commodity.


  2. If North writes a novel called “North,” it will be “North” by North West. 🙂


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