Silent Buses Are A Good Idea Except For The You-May-Get-Hit-By-A-Bus Part!

The Local reports that a Swedish town is planning to launch a fleet of electric, silent buses to eliminate real pollution and noise pollution. Specifically, the article describes the sound of the future buses as a “purr,” which technically isn’t silent.

Kudos to Sweden for electric buses, although you might want to reconsider that “noise pollution” thing and put some bells and whistles on the bus so that everyone looking down at their smart phone listening to the Who’s Magic Bus doesn’t get hit by a near-magic-sounding bus!

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If a bus drives through a forest and nobody is there to hear it, just how lost is that bus driver? Nobody lives in forests except for elves and Washington State computer software executives!

2. Will the sounds of streets filled with apparently wild, purring, roaming cats reduce the wild roaming dog population in Sweden? And we don’t mean by dogs running away from buses that sound like cats, but rather dumb dogs getting hit by buses while putting their noses to the ground to sniff for cats.

3. AC/DC claims “Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution,” so it’s still okay if they drive a leaded-gas-powered 1980s tour bus blasting Thunderstruck en route from Malvo to Stockholm, right? Or at least an electric bus adorned with the aforementioned bells and whistles, so nobody gets hit by the bus, even though some might get hit by other vehicles when they run into the streets thinking ice cream is on the way.

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