Just In Time For Father’s Day, Restaurant Bans Kids Under 18! *Crickets*

The Huffington Post reports that a Sushi restaurant with the word “bar” in its name in Virginia has banned patrons under 18. Some prospective patrons are apparently suggesting to “boycott” the place. The Huffington Post article presents Facebook user comments both for and against the restaurant’s policy.

3 Questions That Arise From This News Story About Boycotting Boys (and Girls)

1. Is it really a “boycott” when the restaurant already told you that you could not bring your kids there? Isn’t that really the same as someone breaking up with you, and then telling the Facebook world you’re breaking up with them, after they already changed their relationship status to dating someone else?

2. Since when are comments on companies’ Facebook timelines “news?” It’s articles that quote I-boycott-everything comments from random Facebook users who live thousands of miles away from the restaurant that prove our web site name “Not The Worst News” is always correct!

3. It’s called the “Sushi Bar” not the “Sushi McDonald’s Playland.” So is it that surprising that kids aren’t allowed, much in the same way drunk adults may not be allowed in the plastic balls at a play land? While on this topic, a sushi play-land is not a hygienic, sound business idea, in case you were going to rip-off our idea and present it to your bank business loans manager.

Happy Father’s Day from Not the Worst News!

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