Poop Scoop Part 2: Spanish Town Mails Unscooped Dog Poop To Dog’s Owners

The Telegraph reports that a town in Spain successfully launched a campaign where they watched dog owners who failed to poop-and-scoop; struck up conversations with the dog owners to ascertain the names of the dogs; checked the dog names and breed to match the registered owners in a database; and then mailed the poop back to the owners!

The campaign was reportedly developed for free, whatever that means.

3 Worse Things To Find In Your Mail

1. A letter reminding residents of Spain that they have massive debt and high unemployment and someone thought using any resources (even free resources) for this convoluted method of deterring non-scooping was bueno.

2. Your neighbors’s dogs poop. Normally it’s on your lawn, but since they registered the dog in your name (by stealing your identity and mail), this turns out to be an unlucky day to pick up your mail.

3. Confirmation, that you, the mailman, must deliver all of these packages throughout Spain, just as the weather is heating up!

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