Someone May Have Lied On A Yelp Prison Review! Is There Not An Integrity Test Before Writing Yelp Reviews?

The Washington Post reports that lawyers, prisoners, and random jerks who may be the same people who vandalize Wikipedia, are reviewing prisons on Yelp!

From the article:

“At no time did the officer violate any of my constitutional privileges and even gave me a juice box after I said I was thirsty,” reads another review, this one of the Arlington County Detention Facility. “Yes, you heard right, they have juice boxes! . . . So if you’re going to get arrested, do it in Arlington County.”

Unfortunately for incarcerated juice box enthusiasts an Arlington County Sheriff stated that the facility referred to has no juice boxes.

3 Questions That Arise From This Yelp Prison Review

1. No juice boxes? In an entire prison? Are you saying that the inmates were able to almost get away with crimes, but can’t figure out how to smuggle in an item that your grandmother just smuggled into the local movie theater?

2. When is Yelp going to allow a section for reviews of fake prison reviews? How are we supposed to know which pranksters to befriend or follow or whatever you do to socially interact with someone on Yelp?

3. How did someone get a prison juice box review on Yelp, yet your politely-written lone review of a waiter standing around a restaurant doing nothing for half an hour get relegated to the “reviews-that-don’t-show-up-in-the-ratings” section?

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