While Everyone’s Been Talking About Apple Innovating “This” and Google “That,” McDonald’s May Be Doing Some Innovating Of It’s Own!

In a CNBC interview with the CEO of McDonald’s, the CEO reportedly said that McDonald’s is looking at “innovative ways” to extend breakfast hours for customers!

We haven’t attended McDonald’s Hamburger University outside Chicago, so we can only speculate as to what these “innovative ways” may be, and also whether students at Hamburger University are being asked for innovative ways to serve breakfast in exam questions.

3 Innovative Ways To Extend Breakfast Hours We Would Write In Response To A Question On A Fast Food University Exam

1. Use the equipment that makes breakfast during non-breakfast hours! Then insert breakfast ingredients like eggs, burrito shells, and cheese-melted-to-wax-paper into the breakfast-making equipment.

2. Instead of in store and drive-thru menu boards that magically make breakfast items disappear way too early in the day, put all of the items on one menu. Or if technology will not allow for that, use one “secret” menu. Because if you really have to consult a menu at McDonald’s, you’ve kind of missed out on decades of pop culture and probably don’t think Happy Days has jumped the shark, if you even knew what that saying meant. Which you don’t.

3. Make students with Bachelor’s degrees from Hamburger U get Masters Degrees at Waffle House University, and Ph.Ds at Denny’s U! Those innovators have been making breakfast and hamburgers and, in at least one case waffles since long before Fonzie jumped the shark!

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